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100 Mums partners with companies to fast track their gender diversity success by providing access to a resource pool of highly skilled women, supported by programs that ensure business’s retain these highly sought after candidates.

Our strategic approach works on the 3 keys to diversity success – Agenda, Recruitment and Mindset.

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  • Contract roles
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  • Permanent placements
  • Management, executive and non-traditional roles
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  • A Program Director working on large infrastructure projects knows that flexible working arrangements can work.  She remembers a time when she was on site and there were no mobile devices, no phones no iPads. She would have to trust her team to deliver without having contact with them throughout the day.  When putting forward the [...]
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  • Article published in the Business Spectator October 2015. While some directors are still haggling about just how many women to include on the boards of corporate Australia, others are getting on with setting goals and targets to guarantee their workplaces become more diverse. “Holding onto old paradigms hasn’t been very valuable for businesses over the [...]
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  • I heard a story where a manager was asked if they would want their daughter to work at their company, the answer was no.  Realizing this truth he decided to address the reasons why he would not want her to work there, the culture, the pay gap and the bias.  How do we get more men [...]
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Join our 100 Mums team

100 Mums are looking for a core team of women that want to be part of a growing and exciting initiative. We are creating partnerships with companies to create flexible work options – enabling women to be the best they can be in their career whilst maintaining a happy home.

100 Mums works in two ways:

1) When we secure a new project we will contact you if your skills match and offer you a position.

2) We pool together the skills of the mums to put forward solutions and projects to companies, actively promoting you and your experience

If you have a strong background in your chosen career, hold over 7 years experience and have the desire to improve business we would like you to become part of our team.


100 Mums - Harnessing the Power of Women shared Bright Side's Sweden is officially moving to a 6-hour working day. ...

Employers in Sweden introduce six-hour work day. Some employers across the country, including retirement homes, hospitals and car centres, are implementing the change: goo.gl/A3Uews

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