Our Mission β€œto tap into a under utilized resource pool of women that will benefit companies, create diversity, and enable women to remain at the coal face of business whilst maintaining a healthy family life and nurturing the future of Australia.’

100 Mums is a powerful resource pool of ex corporate highly skilled women. Too often these women are lost to the business world once they have children, as they are not in a position to continue in their full-time demanding role. These women have worked within their field for over 15 years acquiring experience only time can give and achieving impressive goals along the way. To lose these women from the workforce is a disaster for Australian businesses. Our goal is help businesses get ahead by giving them access to these talented women.

100 Mums missions is not just to provide a better work-life balance for mums, there is countless evidence that shows that by offering flexibility in business this will lead to higher productivity, better motivation and increased loyalty among staff Started in 2012 we now work with a range of companies from small business to large corporates all with a drive to gain access to a trusted talented resource that will help advance their business. We have rolled out successful job share scenarios, worked on short projects and for clients that do not want to let the talent go, we have placed the women permanently.

Our resource pool of women is growing daily, each 100 Mum is vetted, interviewed and profiled to ensure they fit your business and need.
If you are interested in joining 100 Mums, you will be become part of a supportive network of other like-minded women. The network is there to encourage one another, to help all members realise their potential and to give support through the sharing of knowledge and mentoring. Go to Become a 100 Mum to find out more.