Case Study 3

BP Australia

British Petroleum PLC, or BP, as it is more commonly known, is a British oil and gas company with operations across 80 countries. It is currently recognised as being the 5th largest company in the world in terms of revenue and has been in operation since 1909.

Traditional Operations:

BP Australia operates from refineries in both Queensland and Western Australia and is a significant oil and gas supplier within the country. The industry is typically seen as a male dominated one and flexibility is something that has only recently come under the spotlight for the company. However, job sharing is now something that the company have implemented in a number of roles within the organisation.

Job Sharing in the Oil and Gas Sector – The Results:

It is particularly interesting to see a typically ‘male dominated’ industry offering flexible working, which is generally perceived as greater benefit to female than male employees. However, BP Australia recognised the need to offer greater flexibility within the workplace and wanted to focus on encouraging women with young families back into their careers.

An example of a role which operates as a job share within BP Australia is that of the Offer Assurance Manager, which has been shared by two individuals successfully since 2007. Not only have the employees in the role maintained the arrangement for six years, with favourable reports of the flexible working conditions, but the company itself estimates that cost reduction driven by productivity increase is approximately 20%-25%, not to mention the savings made in recruitment costs, due to improved staff retention.