Case Study 4

University of Western Australia

The University Western Australia is one of Australia’s most respected educational establishments. Formed in 1911, it is the oldest university in the state, and is placed in the Top 100 universities on a worldwide level.

Traditional Operation:
The University of Western Australia has a proven track record of offering flexible working conditions, including home-based work and flexible hours. In recent years, it has focused on the benefits of job sharing, recognising the need to cater for those wishing to divide their time between their careers and caring for the family.

Job Sharing – The Results:

Job sharing within the University operates with mutual agreement between the two candidates filling the position, establishing work hours to suit not only both employees, but also the employer.
There is also a strong emphasis on the importance of communication between the employees and the employer and arranging times where both employees can meet to discuss the role.
The results from introducing job sharing within the University have, to date, been extremely positive. As well as offering the flexibility required to fit a career around childcare, employees reported enjoying the benefits of working closely with another individual within the same role and of being exposed to different view-points and ways of working.

“The benefits for the University were no less impressive, with reported benefits from having two skill sets working within the role, rather than just the one, and consistent performance throughout the week, rather than the more typical ‘lulls in performance’ experienced by full-time employees. In recognising the advantages of offering a job share role, it was felt that both parties benefitted highly from the working arrangement.”