Case Study 5


Probuild Constructions is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. The construction company operates on a nationwide level and currently has an annual turnover exceeding $1billion.

Traditional Operations:

The company has a reputation for providing excellent work/ life balance for its employees and has a strong focus on open communication between employee and employer, monitoring feedback and creating a working environment that best fits with the other commitments of its staff.
Recently, particularly in recognition of the fact that many staff are often called upon to work six days a week, the company focused on offering job share to their employees, to create a better balance between career and raising a family.

Job Sharing in the Construction Industry – The Results:

Probuild recognised that the natural ‘deadline driven’ nature of the job meant that staff ran the risk of not achieving a good work / life balance and, in turn, ran the added risk of becoming dissatisfied with their role.
The company’s director, Ted Yenchen, states that “the development of our work/life balance policy, principles and programs are the fundamental steps to creating a workplace culture which will be more supportive of work and life balance and which will deliver better outcomes for business’.

“Probuild employees, when asked about their satisfaction within the company, speak very highly of the organisation, and staff retention is high. The company operate a policy of recognising that the needs of every individual within the organisation are different, and seek to arrange job share opportunities whenever appropriate, recognising the increased levels of staff retention and satisfaction by doing so. As their website proudly proclaims, ‘hard work can be done flexibly’”.