Case Study 7

AGL Energy

AGL Energy is an Australian energy company that operates across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Though only relatively recently formed in 2006, the company has experienced considerable growth since its inception and is the country’s largest private owner of renewable energy assets.

Traditional Operations:

Until fairly recently, as with many other energy companies, AGL was largely dominated by males. However, the company has expressed strong commitment to creating better gender balance across all levels of the company, focusing in particular on senior and middle management, which historically, have been poorly represented by females.

Gender Equality – The Results:

By 2012, the total workforce of AGL comprised of 46%, which demonstrates its continued commitment to gender equality. However, it still maintains a strong focus on developing the talents of the women currently in the organisation, to encourage more women into senior roles, which currently stands at 36%.

Part of AGL’s continued program to encourage women to apply for roles within the company is a former focus on equal pay, regardless of gender and also, greater flexibility within the role, in recognition of the importance of career and family balance. The company also increased parental leave from 12 weeks to 14.

It is a gradual process within the company but marks a significant shift in the attitudes of ‘male dominated’ industries, as they recognise the significant advantages of having a wide talent pool to select from during recruitment, and greater diversity of skills in the workplace.

“The very fact that companies such as AGL are choosing to make gender equality such a focus speaks volumes about the importance of creating a better balance of men and women within the workplace”.