Hit The Nail On The Head!

Nicola Roxon highlighted a trend often seen in many successful women when she spoke at the NAB Women’s Leadership Awards this year.

Firstly there is the perception that when you choose to leave your full time career that you are a failure, she quoted “Of course I’m cross at some of the silly reporting suggesting that retiring from politics after 15 years in Parliament, and five as a senior Cabinet Minister, is a failure for working women. What absolute and complete rubbish! If anything, the decision to change roles and move on should be an affirmation of what women can do, and do well. And what can be achieved and managed, even with young children.
Feminism was supposed to deliver opportunity and choice. I took that opportunity and gave it 200% — now I’m exercising my choice to do something else, to contribute in a different way.”

Nicola also spoke of women having a career that has the triple bottom line. 100 Mums wants to provide exactly that which is helping women to have a career that’s professionally satisfying, personally sustainable and provides some kind of public benefit.

More and more women I speak to on a daily basis are looking for this balance in life. Although they love being a mum they also want to be professionally satisfied as well. It’s a tricky dance trying to get the balance, I believe it can be achieved. The final point of the triple bottom line to provide some kind of public benefit is really exciting, once you have this is your career, integrated into your proposals and ingrained into your ethics you realise “wow your very powerful”. You inspire others and meet like-minded individuals. Did Nicola coin the phase? If she did well done Nicola!