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100 Mums provides companies access to a hidden network of highly skilled women that are available for project work, and ongoing part time and flexible work. We also form strategic partnerships with companies that are looking to increase gender balance across their business and at all levels.

Have a project you need completed by a resource you can trust or your internal resources are over stretched? 100 Mums holds a resource pool of highly skilled women that are available to work on projects both full time and part time. All our candidates are highly qualified having worked in their chosen field for over 10 years gaining invaluable experience and impeccable references and on the way.

An easy process to engage the resources you need
We provide flexible solutions to suit your needs. To have the backup from a trusted company that you can gain the right resources when you need it most can really aid the success of your business and give you peace of mind. We can work on an ad-hoc basis or form a strategic partnership, either way we need to understand your business needs. For a detailed discussion around your needs please contact 100 Mums either by phone or email, all our team are experienced in business and will be able to pinpoint your needs. Once your needs are clarified our fast turnaround ensures that we will respond quickly and provide you with a selection of available candidates that fit your brief including budget, timing, required experience and qualifications.


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100 Mums gives you access to a hidden network of women that traditional advertising does not reach. Many women in our network are not searching job boards as they are in a current role, these women join 100 Mums as they are looking to move to a long term opportunity within a company that has family friendly initiatives such as flexibility or a family friendly culture.

Full time roles

It is often assumed that mums are looking for part time only, this is incorrect. Most women wish to work full time and earn to their full capacity, what they are looking for is a company that accepts you have a family and provides some flexibility around the role. Many companies are moving towards a task based working environment enabling more flexibility and output, we can certainly provide case studies to show how this is working well in other companies.

Women that are working full time and juggling a family do not spend time on job boards, they count on their network and networks like 100 Mums to inform them when the right opportunity within the right company culture becomes available. This is how we provide companies with talent they thought was not available as their advertising had shown disappointing results.

Helping to gain gender balance at the recruitment stage

How can you create gender balance in your organisation if at the application stage you do not have a healthy male/female split? 100 Mums can help by providing high quality candidates right from the beginning. It is then in your hands to ensure your processes will not hinder the process by putting in policies such as ensuring gender balance on the interviewing panel.

If you have a full time position you would like to discuss please contact us either via team@100mums.com.au or 1300 798813.

Part time & job share roles

Part time offers the chance to utilize a high level skill that you may not be able to afford full time, allowing business to gain access to invaluable experience that can fast track their business or department.

Job Share

Job Share enables companies to gain two for heads for the price of one. We have case studies that show that if structured and resourced correctly companies stand to see significant benefits.

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Many companies struggle to create or maintain gender balance at executive level, each company is different – some do not have the pipeline of female talent coming up through the ranks or other companies have a strong pipeline however there is a fall out when it comes to management. 100 Mums can work with you in 3 ways:

  • To help build your pipeline of female talent
  • To source management level female executives
  • Provide a strategic partnership program that will build your brand as an employer of choice for women, attract the talent you want and provide you with a resource pool of highly skilled women specifically built for your company
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The 100 Mums partnership program forms a strategic alliance with your business and works to increase Gender Balance at all levels and areas within the company. The partnership program is a set of modules that includes but not limited to

Module 1: Proactively market to the female workforce
100 Mums aligns with your brand showcasing your opportunity, culture and values to the network plus we actively source and create a resource pool of highly skilled women that are available to work on projects specific to your needs. This is a unique way of reverse marketing to your target market so that when an opportunity arises in your organization you have the relationship and access to the right candidate pool.

  • -Incentivise to take action
    Each partnership and company is different therefore we include a placement in the partnership package. This enables the 100 Mums team to understand your business and learn your challenges, build relationships with your internal team and put together a road map of processes and procedures.
  • -100 Mums raises your Profile as an Employer of Choice for women via:
    Brand Alignment – online/offline/events/social media/case studies
    Inclusion of top line management both male and female as supporters of 100 Mums
  • -100 Mums supports you through the journey
    We want you to succeed in meeting your gender balance targets and will support you through your journey. 100 Mums will ensure you are informed of important information and tools that become available from case studies, news, policy updates, tools to events. We will also meet with you quarterly to run quarterly reporting/strategy meetings and provide gender equality bench-marking support.

Module 2: Module 2 is optional components that include but are not limited to workshops, internal career coaching and PR.

  • -Workshops
    Understanding why diversity to your organization is key to creating a long term strategy within your business. Workshops will uncover the different views across the business and the challenges faced from executive level both male and female to the extended team. 100Mums works with leading facilitators to unravel the complex blocks and help bring solutions that will advance your gender diversity strategy.
    Workshops are tailored to each companies specifics needs, some examples include;
  • Challenging perceptions – for all staff including executive level
  • Assessing current culture – for all staff including executive level
  • Leading with Diversity – for executive level
  • Lean in – for women in the organisation
  • Circle of Safety – for women in the organisation
  • How to juggle & set boundaries – for women in the organisation

-Strategic PR Plan focusing on

  • Internal promotion of diversity initiatives
  • Industry promotion of association
  • Management commitment to Diversity

Partnership costs depend on requirements and are Invoiced annually.

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Our brand 5050fm works with companies on roles where they are looking for diversity in the candidate shortlist.

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“Creating Inclusive Environments” Blended Program



  • Educate staff and leaders on the benefits of diversity to the business and their environment
  • Bring awareness to unconscious bias, micro inequities and stereo typical behavior
  • Provide base level tools to assist staff in supporting diversity initiatives across the organization.
  • Provides 3 modules tailored for Leaders and all staff, with each module providing 30 minutes of interactive, engaging content


Through taking the course your staff will gain heightened awareness and tools that will lead to better utilization of talent, higher employee retention and engagement, better business decision making, less conflict and a more diverse leadership group


  • The course is a blended program containing workshops and eLearning therefore accessible
    for all staff in all locations.
  • Each module takes 30 minutes and learners can leave the course and return to complete at any time.
  • Unlike workshops eLearning can be effectively provided to all existing and new staff that join throughout the year ensuring all staff have awareness.
  • The course especially module 3 can be molded to core issues your business may be tackling right now.
  • Each course contains 3 quizzes, where you as the L&D team can monitor results and monitor who has completed the course.



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