Sourcing and placement service for permanent roles

100 Mums gives you access to a hidden network of women that traditional advertising does not reach. Many women in our network are not searching job boards as they are in a current role, these women join 100 Mums as they are looking to move to a long term opportunity within a company that has family friendly initiatives such as flexibility or a family friendly culture.

Full time roles

It is often assumed that mums are looking for part time only, this is incorrect. Most women wish to work full time and earn to their full capacity, what they are looking for is a company that accepts you have a family and provides some flexibility around the role. Many companies are moving towards a task based working environment enabling more flexibility and output, we can certainly provide case studies to show how this is working well in other companies.

Women that are working full time and juggling a family do not spend time on job boards, they count on their network and networks like 100 Mums to inform them when the right opportunity within the right company culture becomes available. This is how we provide companies with talent they thought was not available as their advertising had shown disappointing results.

Helping to gain gender balance at the recruitment stage

How can you create gender balance in your organisation if at the application stage you do not have a healthy male/female split? 100 Mums can help by providing high quality candidates right from the beginning. It is then in your hands to ensure your processes will not hinder the process by putting in policies such as ensuring gender balance on the interviewing panel.

If you have a full time position you would like to discuss please contact us either via or 1300 798813.

Part time & job share roles

Part time offers the chance to utilize a high level skill that you may not be able to afford full time, allowing business to gain access to invaluable experience that can fast track their business or department.

Job Share

Job Share enables companies to gain two for heads for the price of one. We have case studies that show that if structured and resourced correctly companies stand to see significant benefits.